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Doing some online shopping? Then I highly recommend that you go for Lazada. While there are tons of options available in the World Wide Web, not all of them can give you high quality products and services like this one does. I can assure you that.

The truth is, I have been doing internet shopping for quite some time now. Hence, I can say that I’ve experienced both good and bad in this practice. And one lesson that I learned is that I should always make it a point to choose my sites well. Otherwise, I may end up wasting precious money.

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This site has it all for you

cat2After a careful search and a couple of pitfalls, I finally ended up with Lazada Philippines. And boy, was this so worth it! This site has everything that I need—from school supplies for my niece, to personal and gift items for myself and my loved ones.

Whatever your interest is, you will surely find an item here for you—books, movies, electronic devices, trendiest gadgets, etc. It is no wonder then that this site has been dubbed as the Philippines’ online shopping mall.


Fastest growing online shopping site

This is also the fastest growing online shopping site in the country. Every time I go visit, it always has something new to offer, whether it is in terms of new products or new promos. Indeed, there is always something to look forward to with this site.

More than that, a lot of the new additions here are the latest gadgets and trendiest items. In fact, Lazada Philippines is always at the forefront for its customers. For instance, this site is among the first ones to bring the iPad, iPhone and even the Sony XPeria phone in the country.

Another good thing about the new offers from the site is that they are neatly categorized. Hence, it is so easy to find them. With the long list of product inventory, it can be a chaos if it wasn’t for the neat categorization implemented here. A concrete proof to that is the special section in the site for the new arrivals. This is the Hot New Products section. For this reason alone, I give the site 100 plus points for user friendliness and convenience.

mastercard mondayHuge discounts and other perks

Last but certainly not the least, I love how Lazada Philippines give huge discounts and other perks for both its new and loyal customers. In fact, we can enjoy up to more than 50% off the regular price on certain items!

Aside from these regular discounts, this site also offers additional price slashes such as the screen grab you can see above. For shoppers who use a MasterCard credit or debit card, you can get an additional 10% discount on top off the regular discounts. So if an item already comes at 50% off, you will get a total of 60% price reduction if you buy that item through your MasterCard. Plus, there is no minimum purchase required!




I used to buy gadgets on traditional malls back in the day. My dad and I used to do it together since he use his credit card to do purchase for me. Don’t get me wrong. I pay for my own even when I was still studying. I just sort of borrow his credit card for me to buy what I want. It’s actually more of a buy and sell. What I do is right before a gadget depreciates its market value I sell them right away. I use the money to buy me a new one. For the people who buy from me, I sell it to them on an installment basis. So in essence, I can sell them at the same price I bought them when they were still brand new. So I don’t usually spend extra to get a new model. Technically, I’m just borrowing the gadget for a couple of months when you come to think of it. But now that I’m working and living on my own, I still managed to continue to be up to date.


However this time, I pay in cash. A couple of months ago when iPhone 5 was still not yet released in the country, I was very eager to buy one for myself. Luckily, I saw an online ad on Facebook. A banner was endorsing that they are selling iPhone 5, which was ahead to release in the country at that time. It landed me on the website It’s actually the first time I visited a locally based online shopping mall website. I was pretty surprised on what they have on their website. They have huge selections of categories. Not just the typical electronics section, but they also have for fashion as well. They even have diapers. It was actually an online shopping mall. Pretty much what a traditional offline mall offers is available on their website as well. What enticed me more to stay on their website is that they offer promos and discounts.


Actually, when you see their website, almost all of their products have discounts. Some are steep; some are cheaper compared to the traditional malls. For instance, the iPhone 5 was expensive when I first saw it on their website. But since I’m an impulsive buyer, I bought the iPhone 5 from them.  Luckily for me, a few days later when it became available in the grey market, I realized they were at par in the grey market, which made me feel relieved on the amount I spent. What enticed me to buy from them is that they offer warranty and returns that is also being offered in malls. It actually saved me money and time to go buy in traditional malls in case it was also available there. I admit, my initial reason is that they were one of the first to have it available in the country. But reflecting on the experience, it made me realize that ordering from online store like Lazada is way better than traditional malls. It saves my time and energy.



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I had very bad experiences with online shopping. The first time I ordered an item online, I received an ugly and apparently used item. I tried returning it to the seller but I was given the runaround until I got tired and simply gave up. The second time,  I ordered a computer peripheral and I was sent the wrong item. The cost of shipping the item back to the seller is almost the same as the cost of the item I ordered. I just tossed to the trash can the wrong item I received and charged the whole thing to experience.

free delivery

After those unfortunate experiences with online shopping, I promised myself that I will never do it again. Though I hated traffic and the crowd that everybody experiences going to the mall, plus the pushy salespersons who will shadow you everywhere you go within the store, I ended up shopping at the mall whenever I need to buy something for myself or as present for someone. And each time I go to the mall, I keep on wishing that the day would come when online stores will have a reliable method of shipping their products.

Until my officemates and friends started raving about Lazada Philippines. It seems that every single person that I know had already shopped at their Philippine’s Online Shopping Mall. I checked the website and I was impressed, though still hesitant to try online shopping again after my terrible experiences. But then, everybody at the office assured me that they have an excellent shipping method that put all safeguards in place to guarantee receipt of the exact item that you order online, on time.

free delivery2

I decided to give online shopping one more try. To play safe, I ordered a small item – a 3-piece Jean Perry face towel set. When I proceeded to check out, I learned that Lazada Philippines has introduced new concepts that will revolutionize online shopping. First is the free delivery available regardless of the amount of purchase.  Online shops usually offer free shipping on a minimum purchase, but not on this site. Regardless of the amount of your purchase, your item will be delivered to most shipping points in the archipelago free of charge. When you place an order, they will tell you that your item will be shipped in a certain number of day, depending on how far the shipping address is from the delivery center. But many people attest that they receive their deliveries a day or two before the expected date.

Another astonishing feature of their delivery system is the option to pay for your order only after you receive it – cash on delivery. You will have the chance to check first what you received before paying for it.  You can simply refuse delivery if they sent you the wrong item or if it obvious that the product is defective.

Finally, they offer different payment options. You can pay for your online purchases through Visa or MasterCard. You can make over the counter payments, called DragonPay, at various places like SM, LBC, and most banks in the country. And don’t forget the very convenient and safe Cash On Delivery option.



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Do you get just as excited as I do when the pellets start popping and turn crisp enough to grind my teeth during a movie marathon? I love popcorn and it’s something I look forward to every time I watch in theaters. Sometimes, I look forward to munching on those mini cloud-looking snacks more than the movie itself. I indulge myself in movies whenever I have free time because it helps me escape reality for a while. The reality of having to work five times a day only to end up too drained at the end of each month to enjoy what I worked hard for. I mostly just download torrents and watch at home with a pack of microwave oven ready flavored popcorns. Movies and popcorn are my ultimate guilty pleasure and my parents see this as an adorable interest of mine. I think they’re just grateful I didn’t grow up as a rebel considering how strict they were in raising me.

While I was browsing through a couple of websites, I came upon a mini popcorn cart from Lazada Philippines. It’s a small replica a popcorn cart you’d normally see in carnivals or fairs. It has wheels on one end and two corner stands on the opposite side. It’s color red and yellow that fits perfect in my room with my red accent wall. Yes, I keep it in my room not the kitchen. It’s very handy and really manageable. That sentiment coming from a person who rarely cleans up after herself makes it all the more legitimate. The popcorn takes a few minutes to completely pop so you don’t have to literally wait up or stand next to it.

I also bought a DVD stack molded into a film canister that I bought at a bazaar in Quiapo. I just passed by it by chance because I usually take a different route going home. It’s a pretty impulsive purchase since I rarely buy DVD’s compared to how obsessed I was with collecting my all time favorite movies before. It looks dirty vintage. I can’t say it was in perfect condition but it’s decent enough to look like it was passed down from generations making it more valuable. My friends don’t know up to now that I just recently bought it. They still think I got it from my uncle who visited from the States a few weeks back.

I also have a signed poster of Scarface by Al Pacino. I got it from eBay and though it wasn’t me who personally got it autographed, a piece of me thinks I still got to meet him in person. Some people might say it’s pathetic but I see it as just seeing the silver lining.

I have more than a dozen items that scream out movie fan. But I don’t think my collection’s already at its best. I plan to hoard old school film stuff until I grow old. I think it’s something I can pass on to my children that they would actually be proud of having at such a young age unless they’re hipsters. That’s going to change everything.



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It was payday weekend last week and a small chunk of my salary was burning a hole in my pocket. Exhausted from the hectic work week and not wanting to brave the horrible traffic that plagues the metro every payday Friday, I thought it best to bum around the house. My fingers were itching to spend money though so I did what smart every girl in my situation would do–shop online!

enjoy payday

Like every girl on a mission, I plopped into the couch with my laptop and went over to Lazada Philippines. I’ve been meaning to check out this shopping site but work has been keeping me busy (I have officially become boring, I know). I immediately signed up and was prepared to be bored to tears filling out online forms with endless questions but was pleasantly surprised to be asked just basic information. I was done in a minute, no exagg!


So in my quest to spend, I immediately checked the shopping categories they have and saw that they cover every category you can think of (except food). I felt like a kid being let loose in a candy store! I also liked the fact that the site is very easy to navigate. It’s perfect for people like me who hate, hate, hate going through a labyrinth of a site just to shop! Promos and discounted items are highlighted on the Lazada Philippines home page so it’s impossible for you to miss those.  If there’s a particular brand or item you’re looking for, you can just type it on the search field and off you go! I was opening so many browser tabs at once so I could ogle items from different shopping categories. I then realized that there’s no rush at all! It’s not like they’re going to close at 10pm or something (read: 24/7 access). I had the rest of the night to shop.

With that realization in mind, I paced myself and discovered a few more wonderful features of the site.  I quickly learned that if you’re shopping with a budget in mind, you can simply put their price filter feature into use. Just click on the price range you’re after and it’ll show you the items under that range in whichever category you want. Little thoughtful touches like these make me appreciate technology even more.

The Lazada Philippines site carries a huge selection of products. It’s impossible for you not to find something for yourself, friends, and family. Even guys can join in on the fun! They have all sorts of gadgets, computer accessories, books and movies. After all, it wouldn’t be called the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall for nothing.

In the end, I decided on a pair of cute flats. Armed with the product specs (i.e. material used, delivery ETA etc.), a brief product description that gave me a few style notes on what to wear it with, and an honest-to-goodness customer review (another great feature of the site!), I whipped out my credit card and paid for my purchase.  I can’t wait to get my hands on my first-ever purchase from their site! Will I recommend Lazada Philippines to others? Yes! Will I shop from the site again? Definitely! In fact, as I type this, I’m just about ready to make another purchase.






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true story

I love going out of my comfort zone and trying new things. The newest thing I have tried so far is buying online. I don’t if you guys have tried it out before but it’s something I definitely recommend you guys try. It’s just like shopping in malls. You get to buy anything you like either through cash or credit card. The only thing that sets them apart from each other is the manner of purchasing where buying online requires internet connection. Online shopping as it is normally referred to as is that buying in online stores instead of actual shop outlets. Everything is done online from the browsing of items to the actual purchase. The first item I bought online was Barney of How I Met Your Mother’s The Playbook: Suit Up. Score chicks. Be awesome from Lazada Philippines. If you’re a fan of the show then you would probably understand why I bought it. Barney is to die for. Enough said. I was browsing through a bunch of sites just for the sake of it. I didn’t have anything in mind that I wanted to buy which is how I normally go about with my shopping. There were so many sites to choose from but I ended up sticking with Lazada because it had the most choices and it was very well organized compared to the other sites where I would have to click on several albums before seeing exactly what I want. Lazada Philippines has a search bar so it was a lot easier to search for what I wanted. When I saw they had a books category, that’s when I remembered that I have always wanted a copy of my own of Barney Stinson’s popular book. It was a very simple process. It was as simple as signing up to Facebook or Google Mail. If you go to the site where I ordered the book, you wouldn’t have a hard time tracking it down since they have pretty direct to the point instructions. The Playbook in case you want to get one is under the Lifestyle Books section on the Books, Music & Movies category. You can zoom one the page cover in case you want to make sure it’s the same thing as the one generally distributed nationwide.

Online shopping definitely tops one of my favorite pastimes. It’s really time-consuming which is a good thing because I always like killing time. You’ll have such a good time looking through pictures that you’ll eventually lose track of time. I suggest you figure out already what you want before logging in to avoid jumping from one site to another not knowing you’ve been spending more than hour online already. Check out online shopping and give me some feedbacks whether you enjoyed it or not. If you have sites you would like to suggest for me to check out, that would be nice as well. I have only been shopping online for less than a month and already I find it very rewarding.

It’s a year old and it’s getting better than ever. Lazada Philippines’ outstanding role and performance in the e-commerce has truly emerged into something bigger as it turns a year old. It never fails to surprise me as I once thought that this online shopping website was just one of the many websites who fail to make it to the top. Its concepts are the same with international website like Ebay and Amazon. But what really did it for this online shopping site was their consistently excellent promos and sales. No matter how much a person tries to deny how cheap he is, deep down discounts get to us and usually helps in sealing the deal. In almost twelve months, Lazada Philippines was able make Filipinos in favor of the nature of their website through discounts and promos like no other. They launch promos week after week, sometimes within days that give online shoppers like me something to look forward to for every visit. But what really make me return are their very flexible modes of payments. By just simply taking into consideration the payment methods they offer, you’ll see how quickly they were able to adjust to the preferences of Filipinos. When they started, they had a list of methods available but like any company that wishes to maximize its profits, they must learn to eliminate those that are not as well-explored as the others. They narrowed their methods into two. These two being coincidentally the only methods I have ever experienced using.

Before all the advertisements through radio, tv and newspaper ads, this online shop was able to get its name out there through plain online advertisements. If you open your Facebook account, you will be forced to be face to face with Lazada’s advertisements on the side promoting their outstanding number of discounted items available. After months of hardcore online promotions, it ventured out to even more extreme advertisements which helped strengthen its avid and loyal customers. In just a few weeks of promoting itself every now and then, it was able to garner a large amount of online visitors that paved way to even better sales and promos. How can one turn away from something that allows you to get something you have always wanted for a cheaper price? And what makes it even a better option is that the item will be mandatorily shipped to your house with fees that are dependent on the address of delivery. I have come to the conclusion that online shopping is definitely a better option not just for me but everyone else trying to juggle living her life with working eight hours a week. Any company that incorporates Filipino preferences not just what is generally in demand worldwide is bound to evade being left empty handed. Besides, that wasn’t even just an option. Before this online shopping site was launched in the Philippines, it has been tried and tested in other countries in Southeast Asia. By the time it was created for the benefits of Filipino users, the company was already able to study the interests of Filipinos well enough to create a website that perfectly meets the expectations of locals. The return policies compliment the impulsiveness of Filipinos giving them the opportunity or chance to figure out whether or not their order was satisfactory or not. The modes of payment are just the right kind to what Filipinos prefer in terms of way of making their transactions. Deliveries embrace the facts that some Filipinos live so far from major cities that it is a requirement to have the option to get the item they like delivered. A year older and still growing, this online shopping website will surely continue to surprise us.


Ecommerce has always been a thriving industry online. Most of the prominent countries have already adapted to this lifestyle. A lot of them prefer doing online shopping since it is more convenient to them rather than go through the hassle of visiting the location of there preferred traditional malls. However, to some countries, this is not the case. A lot of issues are involved in doing online transactions. Although it may seem easy and convenient, certain resources should be met. One thing is that you must have your own credit card in order to pay a typical online store. In case you don’t have one, next alternative is that you need to have Paypal account.


In the Philippines, Ecommerce is actually not that huge compared to countries like United States where they have websites like Amazon who are capable to cater their online shopping needs. One of the reason why Ecommerce growth was stagnant in our country is due to the fact that the online community is limited and don’t trust online shopping at all.


Just a year ago, Ecommerce drastically increased, thanks to the arrival of Lazada Philippines. They are a venture similar to what Amazon is doing for United States and recently Mexico. Lazada is also available in key countries of South East Asia like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Lazada is an online shopping mall established under the umbrella of Rocket Internet, which caters to the countries where they are based respectively. They offer huge selections from various categories that range from electronics to appliances. Everything you want that you usually get from the traditional offline malls are offered on their website.


The challenge for them is not actually what do they offer on their website. It’s more on how will they be able to tap the small market of Ecommerce and expand it to the point where the market is sufficient enough to sustain there huge business. What Lazada focused on is the needs of the locals. From the actually product to customer service. Actually, one of the reasons why online shopping was nearly impossible to be accepted by the local online users is because of limitation in payment process. Majority of our population are neither non-credit cardholders nor Paypal account users. So if there is no way of paying an online store, it’s impossible to make a transaction. Another thing to consider is that not everyone trust online transactions. First, we have a high rate of online frauds and scams in the country. Second, a lot of the locals have not yet fully grasped the concept of online shopping or is not yet aware of such way.  What Lazada did is they introduced a revolutionary payment method called “Cash on Delivery”. This specific payment method solved the issue that they were facing. What it does is it allows everyone to buy anything from their website despite their limitations in payment access and trust issues. All they need to do is visit the website and have it delivered on there preferred address. They are only required to pay only after Lazada delivers their order and hands over the package to them.


Manageable payment methods are very important when establishing any type of business. Offline stores stick to two major modes of payment either via cash or credit card. With online stores however, things are viewed differently. Since the internet in general is marketed as a type of convenience, everything else associated to it are expected to be of the same nature. Customers shop online for a reason and that’s because it’s a lot easier than going to a mall to buy just one item. If you’re a company that’s selling not just the products but the brand itself, you go for the gold and make the entire experience for your customers a lot easier in all aspects. You make everything convenient from the moment they visit your site to day of package claiming or delivery. Online shops started with meet ups to be able to make the whole transaction more comfortable for customers. But as years passed news about how dangerous such exchange of transaction can be. Now, less companies especially the ones aiming for long term success resolve to methods that involve trustworthy third parties.

Lazada Philippines for instance started offering methods that would allow over the counter payments only to end up today with the top two most in demand mode. Lazada wanted to keep the services they offer the customers on an all-time high sticking with what Filipinos grew up using and are most familiar with. Cash on delivery compensates for the pay in cash over the counter method which is the ordinary way of paying in malls. Cash on delivery mixed paying in cash and handing said money over to an official or man/woman in uniform. Cash on delivery or COD is a payment method where delivery men from either LBC or 2GO go directly to the houses of the clients to deliver their orders. They hand over the money to the man in uniform or when put in simple words, the delivery man. But this only takes place once the man in-charge of delivery provides the customers with their respective orders. Two concepts Filipinos are familiar with molded into making the experience a lot more convenient but safe at the same time. The second top choice for paying is credit card.

Just like in the grocery or furniture store, people of age make use of credit cards to pay. Lazada specifically allows payments from either VISA or MasterCard holder. The only difference I see from online payment from offline with the use of a credit card is the need to submit personal information depending on what the site you’re ordering from deems necessary. Samples of information usually required to give are full name, the expiry date and year along with of course, the account number. These two payments have bagged a number of customers for the prestigious online shopping website. Traditional methods turned to a millennium adaptation surely win the hearts of those scared of taking a leap of faith and or entrusting outsiders with matters as vital as bank account number. But don’t be surprised if by the end of the day, that site you once made fun of becomes one of the most powerful online stores with unconventional conditions but extraordinary product choices.


I’m sure there are a huge number of people who have wondered how online shopping works. And the reason behind why some people are apprehensive about exploring this form of website is one’s underestimation of their capacity to understand how it works. But what you don’t know might shock you, the more reason you should try. One of the main concerns of people who are trying out online shopping for the first time is their inability to understand how to complete a transaction. One of the reasons being they’re scared of the entire process involving submission of money. But how does one correctly interpret something they are unaccustomed with? Let me enlighten you the best way I can by sharing with you my personal online shopping experiences with local online shopping sites. One of the websites that provide the most general options there are is Lazada Philippines.

Their methods include cash on delivery and credit card. They used to accept orders through 7-eleven stores as well as bank transfers which I will elaborate on as well for information purposes. Cash on delivery is a form of payment where no down payment or initial deposits are required from the buyer. Payments are only given upon the delivery of the package. The concept resembles actual cashier payment where one only hands over their payment after all items have been swiped and bagged. Credit card is the same as how it is used in outlet stores. But because it is online, instead of getting the card swiped, a customer must submit information required by the company usually consisting of account number, expiry date, full name etc. Another form of payment is paying through a third party depending on the given partners of the said website. Lazada used to accept payments through selected 7-eleven stores and LBC outlets outside SM malls. You pay the money over the counter and in return will get an official receipt stating that your payment has been accounted. Bank transfers, like the name itself, involves depositing money through selected banks again depending on the choice of banks the company lists down. It’s as simple as depositing money to a friend’s account only this time you are directly depositing to the online shopping site from where you purchased your items. There are other forms of payment methods. Some do meet ups where the buyer and seller personally accomplish the transaction face to face. However, I find this method very sketchy so I suggest you do not engage is such modes of payment. It’s hard to tell whether or not a company is legitimate but one of the key factors I look for is whether or not the site is recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry. Some websites have seals of approval from well-respected companies. Research doesn’t hurt. If you’re buying from a company your hearing for the first but is presenting itself as a legitimate company shopping site, chances are they’ll have at least one review mentioning how they came to existence or a personal experience with them.