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Doing some online shopping? Then I highly recommend that you go for Lazada. While there are tons of options available in the World Wide Web, not all of them can give you high quality products and services like this one does. I can assure you that.

The truth is, I have been doing internet shopping for quite some time now. Hence, I can say that I’ve experienced both good and bad in this practice. And one lesson that I learned is that I should always make it a point to choose my sites well. Otherwise, I may end up wasting precious money.

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This site has it all for you

cat2After a careful search and a couple of pitfalls, I finally ended up with Lazada Philippines. And boy, was this so worth it! This site has everything that I need—from school supplies for my niece, to personal and gift items for myself and my loved ones.

Whatever your interest is, you will surely find an item here for you—books, movies, electronic devices, trendiest gadgets, etc. It is no wonder then that this site has been dubbed as the Philippines’ online shopping mall.


Fastest growing online shopping site

This is also the fastest growing online shopping site in the country. Every time I go visit, it always has something new to offer, whether it is in terms of new products or new promos. Indeed, there is always something to look forward to with this site.

More than that, a lot of the new additions here are the latest gadgets and trendiest items. In fact, Lazada Philippines is always at the forefront for its customers. For instance, this site is among the first ones to bring the iPad, iPhone and even the Sony XPeria phone in the country.

Another good thing about the new offers from the site is that they are neatly categorized. Hence, it is so easy to find them. With the long list of product inventory, it can be a chaos if it wasn’t for the neat categorization implemented here. A concrete proof to that is the special section in the site for the new arrivals. This is the Hot New Products section. For this reason alone, I give the site 100 plus points for user friendliness and convenience.

mastercard mondayHuge discounts and other perks

Last but certainly not the least, I love how Lazada Philippines give huge discounts and other perks for both its new and loyal customers. In fact, we can enjoy up to more than 50% off the regular price on certain items!

Aside from these regular discounts, this site also offers additional price slashes such as the screen grab you can see above. For shoppers who use a MasterCard credit or debit card, you can get an additional 10% discount on top off the regular discounts. So if an item already comes at 50% off, you will get a total of 60% price reduction if you buy that item through your MasterCard. Plus, there is no minimum purchase required!




I used to buy gadgets on traditional malls back in the day. My dad and I used to do it together since he use his credit card to do purchase for me. Don’t get me wrong. I pay for my own even when I was still studying. I just sort of borrow his credit card for me to buy what I want. It’s actually more of a buy and sell. What I do is right before a gadget depreciates its market value I sell them right away. I use the money to buy me a new one. For the people who buy from me, I sell it to them on an installment basis. So in essence, I can sell them at the same price I bought them when they were still brand new. So I don’t usually spend extra to get a new model. Technically, I’m just borrowing the gadget for a couple of months when you come to think of it. But now that I’m working and living on my own, I still managed to continue to be up to date.


However this time, I pay in cash. A couple of months ago when iPhone 5 was still not yet released in the country, I was very eager to buy one for myself. Luckily, I saw an online ad on Facebook. A banner was endorsing that they are selling iPhone 5, which was ahead to release in the country at that time. It landed me on the website It’s actually the first time I visited a locally based online shopping mall website. I was pretty surprised on what they have on their website. They have huge selections of categories. Not just the typical electronics section, but they also have for fashion as well. They even have diapers. It was actually an online shopping mall. Pretty much what a traditional offline mall offers is available on their website as well. What enticed me more to stay on their website is that they offer promos and discounts.


Actually, when you see their website, almost all of their products have discounts. Some are steep; some are cheaper compared to the traditional malls. For instance, the iPhone 5 was expensive when I first saw it on their website. But since I’m an impulsive buyer, I bought the iPhone 5 from them.  Luckily for me, a few days later when it became available in the grey market, I realized they were at par in the grey market, which made me feel relieved on the amount I spent. What enticed me to buy from them is that they offer warranty and returns that is also being offered in malls. It actually saved me money and time to go buy in traditional malls in case it was also available there. I admit, my initial reason is that they were one of the first to have it available in the country. But reflecting on the experience, it made me realize that ordering from online store like Lazada is way better than traditional malls. It saves my time and energy.



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