I had very bad experiences with online shopping. The first time I ordered an item online, I received an ugly and apparently used item. I tried returning it to the seller but I was given the runaround until I got tired and simply gave up. The second time,  I ordered a computer peripheral and I was sent the wrong item. The cost of shipping the item back to the seller is almost the same as the cost of the item I ordered. I just tossed to the trash can the wrong item I received and charged the whole thing to experience.

free delivery

After those unfortunate experiences with online shopping, I promised myself that I will never do it again. Though I hated traffic and the crowd that everybody experiences going to the mall, plus the pushy salespersons who will shadow you everywhere you go within the store, I ended up shopping at the mall whenever I need to buy something for myself or as present for someone. And each time I go to the mall, I keep on wishing that the day would come when online stores will have a reliable method of shipping their products.

Until my officemates and friends started raving about Lazada Philippines. It seems that every single person that I know had already shopped at their Philippine’s Online Shopping Mall. I checked the website and I was impressed, though still hesitant to try online shopping again after my terrible experiences. But then, everybody at the office assured me that they have an excellent shipping method that put all safeguards in place to guarantee receipt of the exact item that you order online, on time.

free delivery2

I decided to give online shopping one more try. To play safe, I ordered a small item – a 3-piece Jean Perry face towel set. When I proceeded to check out, I learned that Lazada Philippines has introduced new concepts that will revolutionize online shopping. First is the free delivery available regardless of the amount of purchase.  Online shops usually offer free shipping on a minimum purchase, but not on this site. Regardless of the amount of your purchase, your item will be delivered to most shipping points in the archipelago free of charge. When you place an order, they will tell you that your item will be shipped in a certain number of day, depending on how far the shipping address is from the delivery center. But many people attest that they receive their deliveries a day or two before the expected date.

Another astonishing feature of their delivery system is the option to pay for your order only after you receive it – cash on delivery. You will have the chance to check first what you received before paying for it.  You can simply refuse delivery if they sent you the wrong item or if it obvious that the product is defective.

Finally, they offer different payment options. You can pay for your online purchases through Visa or MasterCard. You can make over the counter payments, called DragonPay, at various places like SM, LBC, and most banks in the country. And don’t forget the very convenient and safe Cash On Delivery option.



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