Do you get just as excited as I do when the pellets start popping and turn crisp enough to grind my teeth during a movie marathon? I love popcorn and it’s something I look forward to every time I watch in theaters. Sometimes, I look forward to munching on those mini cloud-looking snacks more than the movie itself. I indulge myself in movies whenever I have free time because it helps me escape reality for a while. The reality of having to work five times a day only to end up too drained at the end of each month to enjoy what I worked hard for. I mostly just download torrents and watch at home with a pack of microwave oven ready flavored popcorns. Movies and popcorn are my ultimate guilty pleasure and my parents see this as an adorable interest of mine. I think they’re just grateful I didn’t grow up as a rebel considering how strict they were in raising me.

While I was browsing through a couple of websites, I came upon a mini popcorn cart from Lazada Philippines. It’s a small replica a popcorn cart you’d normally see in carnivals or fairs. It has wheels on one end and two corner stands on the opposite side. It’s color red and yellow that fits perfect in my room with my red accent wall. Yes, I keep it in my room not the kitchen. It’s very handy and really manageable. That sentiment coming from a person who rarely cleans up after herself makes it all the more legitimate. The popcorn takes a few minutes to completely pop so you don’t have to literally wait up or stand next to it.

I also bought a DVD stack molded into a film canister that I bought at a bazaar in Quiapo. I just passed by it by chance because I usually take a different route going home. It’s a pretty impulsive purchase since I rarely buy DVD’s compared to how obsessed I was with collecting my all time favorite movies before. It looks dirty vintage. I can’t say it was in perfect condition but it’s decent enough to look like it was passed down from generations making it more valuable. My friends don’t know up to now that I just recently bought it. They still think I got it from my uncle who visited from the States a few weeks back.

I also have a signed poster of Scarface by Al Pacino. I got it from eBay and though it wasn’t me who personally got it autographed, a piece of me thinks I still got to meet him in person. Some people might say it’s pathetic but I see it as just seeing the silver lining.

I have more than a dozen items that scream out movie fan. But I don’t think my collection’s already at its best. I plan to hoard old school film stuff until I grow old. I think it’s something I can pass on to my children that they would actually be proud of having at such a young age unless they’re hipsters. That’s going to change everything.



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