It’s a year old and it’s getting better than ever. Lazada Philippines’ outstanding role and performance in the e-commerce has truly emerged into something bigger as it turns a year old. It never fails to surprise me as I once thought that this online shopping website was just one of the many websites who fail to make it to the top. Its concepts are the same with international website like Ebay and Amazon. But what really did it for this online shopping site was their consistently excellent promos and sales. No matter how much a person tries to deny how cheap he is, deep down discounts get to us and usually helps in sealing the deal. In almost twelve months, Lazada Philippines was able make Filipinos in favor of the nature of their website through discounts and promos like no other. They launch promos week after week, sometimes within days that give online shoppers like me something to look forward to for every visit. But what really make me return are their very flexible modes of payments. By just simply taking into consideration the payment methods they offer, you’ll see how quickly they were able to adjust to the preferences of Filipinos. When they started, they had a list of methods available but like any company that wishes to maximize its profits, they must learn to eliminate those that are not as well-explored as the others. They narrowed their methods into two. These two being coincidentally the only methods I have ever experienced using.

Before all the advertisements through radio, tv and newspaper ads, this online shop was able to get its name out there through plain online advertisements. If you open your Facebook account, you will be forced to be face to face with Lazada’s advertisements on the side promoting their outstanding number of discounted items available. After months of hardcore online promotions, it ventured out to even more extreme advertisements which helped strengthen its avid and loyal customers. In just a few weeks of promoting itself every now and then, it was able to garner a large amount of online visitors that paved way to even better sales and promos. How can one turn away from something that allows you to get something you have always wanted for a cheaper price? And what makes it even a better option is that the item will be mandatorily shipped to your house with fees that are dependent on the address of delivery. I have come to the conclusion that online shopping is definitely a better option not just for me but everyone else trying to juggle living her life with working eight hours a week. Any company that incorporates Filipino preferences not just what is generally in demand worldwide is bound to evade being left empty handed. Besides, that wasn’t even just an option. Before this online shopping site was launched in the Philippines, it has been tried and tested in other countries in Southeast Asia. By the time it was created for the benefits of Filipino users, the company was already able to study the interests of Filipinos well enough to create a website that perfectly meets the expectations of locals. The return policies compliment the impulsiveness of Filipinos giving them the opportunity or chance to figure out whether or not their order was satisfactory or not. The modes of payment are just the right kind to what Filipinos prefer in terms of way of making their transactions. Deliveries embrace the facts that some Filipinos live so far from major cities that it is a requirement to have the option to get the item they like delivered. A year older and still growing, this online shopping website will surely continue to surprise us.