Ecommerce has always been a thriving industry online. Most of the prominent countries have already adapted to this lifestyle. A lot of them prefer doing online shopping since it is more convenient to them rather than go through the hassle of visiting the location of there preferred traditional malls. However, to some countries, this is not the case. A lot of issues are involved in doing online transactions. Although it may seem easy and convenient, certain resources should be met. One thing is that you must have your own credit card in order to pay a typical online store. In case you don’t have one, next alternative is that you need to have Paypal account.


In the Philippines, Ecommerce is actually not that huge compared to countries like United States where they have websites like Amazon who are capable to cater their online shopping needs. One of the reason why Ecommerce growth was stagnant in our country is due to the fact that the online community is limited and don’t trust online shopping at all.


Just a year ago, Ecommerce drastically increased, thanks to the arrival of Lazada Philippines. They are a venture similar to what Amazon is doing for United States and recently Mexico. Lazada is also available in key countries of South East Asia like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Lazada is an online shopping mall established under the umbrella of Rocket Internet, which caters to the countries where they are based respectively. They offer huge selections from various categories that range from electronics to appliances. Everything you want that you usually get from the traditional offline malls are offered on their website.


The challenge for them is not actually what do they offer on their website. It’s more on how will they be able to tap the small market of Ecommerce and expand it to the point where the market is sufficient enough to sustain there huge business. What Lazada focused on is the needs of the locals. From the actually product to customer service. Actually, one of the reasons why online shopping was nearly impossible to be accepted by the local online users is because of limitation in payment process. Majority of our population are neither non-credit cardholders nor Paypal account users. So if there is no way of paying an online store, it’s impossible to make a transaction. Another thing to consider is that not everyone trust online transactions. First, we have a high rate of online frauds and scams in the country. Second, a lot of the locals have not yet fully grasped the concept of online shopping or is not yet aware of such way.  What Lazada did is they introduced a revolutionary payment method called “Cash on Delivery”. This specific payment method solved the issue that they were facing. What it does is it allows everyone to buy anything from their website despite their limitations in payment access and trust issues. All they need to do is visit the website and have it delivered on there preferred address. They are only required to pay only after Lazada delivers their order and hands over the package to them.