Manageable payment methods are very important when establishing any type of business. Offline stores stick to two major modes of payment either via cash or credit card. With online stores however, things are viewed differently. Since the internet in general is marketed as a type of convenience, everything else associated to it are expected to be of the same nature. Customers shop online for a reason and that’s because it’s a lot easier than going to a mall to buy just one item. If you’re a company that’s selling not just the products but the brand itself, you go for the gold and make the entire experience for your customers a lot easier in all aspects. You make everything convenient from the moment they visit your site to day of package claiming or delivery. Online shops started with meet ups to be able to make the whole transaction more comfortable for customers. But as years passed news about how dangerous such exchange of transaction can be. Now, less companies especially the ones aiming for long term success resolve to methods that involve trustworthy third parties.

Lazada Philippines for instance started offering methods that would allow over the counter payments only to end up today with the top two most in demand mode. Lazada wanted to keep the services they offer the customers on an all-time high sticking with what Filipinos grew up using and are most familiar with. Cash on delivery compensates for the pay in cash over the counter method which is the ordinary way of paying in malls. Cash on delivery mixed paying in cash and handing said money over to an official or man/woman in uniform. Cash on delivery or COD is a payment method where delivery men from either LBC or 2GO go directly to the houses of the clients to deliver their orders. They hand over the money to the man in uniform or when put in simple words, the delivery man. But this only takes place once the man in-charge of delivery provides the customers with their respective orders. Two concepts Filipinos are familiar with molded into making the experience a lot more convenient but safe at the same time. The second top choice for paying is credit card.

Just like in the grocery or furniture store, people of age make use of credit cards to pay. Lazada specifically allows payments from either VISA or MasterCard holder. The only difference I see from online payment from offline with the use of a credit card is the need to submit personal information depending on what the site you’re ordering from deems necessary. Samples of information usually required to give are full name, the expiry date and year along with of course, the account number. These two payments have bagged a number of customers for the prestigious online shopping website. Traditional methods turned to a millennium adaptation surely win the hearts of those scared of taking a leap of faith and or entrusting outsiders with matters as vital as bank account number. But don’t be surprised if by the end of the day, that site you once made fun of becomes one of the most powerful online stores with unconventional conditions but extraordinary product choices.