I’m sure there are a huge number of people who have wondered how online shopping works. And the reason behind why some people are apprehensive about exploring this form of website is one’s underestimation of their capacity to understand how it works. But what you don’t know might shock you, the more reason you should try. One of the main concerns of people who are trying out online shopping for the first time is their inability to understand how to complete a transaction. One of the reasons being they’re scared of the entire process involving submission of money. But how does one correctly interpret something they are unaccustomed with? Let me enlighten you the best way I can by sharing with you my personal online shopping experiences with local online shopping sites. One of the websites that provide the most general options there are is Lazada Philippines.

Their methods include cash on delivery and credit card. They used to accept orders through 7-eleven stores as well as bank transfers which I will elaborate on as well for information purposes. Cash on delivery is a form of payment where no down payment or initial deposits are required from the buyer. Payments are only given upon the delivery of the package. The concept resembles actual cashier payment where one only hands over their payment after all items have been swiped and bagged. Credit card is the same as how it is used in outlet stores. But because it is online, instead of getting the card swiped, a customer must submit information required by the company usually consisting of account number, expiry date, full name etc. Another form of payment is paying through a third party depending on the given partners of the said website. Lazada used to accept payments through selected 7-eleven stores and LBC outlets outside SM malls. You pay the money over the counter and in return will get an official receipt stating that your payment has been accounted. Bank transfers, like the name itself, involves depositing money through selected banks again depending on the choice of banks the company lists down. It’s as simple as depositing money to a friend’s account only this time you are directly depositing to the online shopping site from where you purchased your items. There are other forms of payment methods. Some do meet ups where the buyer and seller personally accomplish the transaction face to face. However, I find this method very sketchy so I suggest you do not engage is such modes of payment. It’s hard to tell whether or not a company is legitimate but one of the key factors I look for is whether or not the site is recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry. Some websites have seals of approval from well-respected companies. Research doesn’t hurt. If you’re buying from a company your hearing for the first but is presenting itself as a legitimate company shopping site, chances are they’ll have at least one review mentioning how they came to existence or a personal experience with them.