I always like the idea of just sitting down in my favorite couch in my game room and just have everything I need to entertain myself within my area. Won’t that be nice for any gamer? Everything you want is all in there and up for grabs. Of course, reality kicks in and you realize that there is no such thing as having everything all at your disposal. I think closest thing to that idea is the Internet. They have a saying: “Everything at your fingertips.” It’s partly true in mown opinion. I mean. Who would have thought that Internet would take as this far? Before we just go the Internet to get information on crappy design websites that’s basically just a catalogue page full of text information. It was something that not everyone will be fond of wasting a chunk of their time reading. But it all changed since the early 2000. Now we get to watch media rich files online. We get to communicate in more complex way to out loved one no matter where they may be. You can even speak to them like they are just in front of you thru video calling. You can even do business online now whether; it is bank, shopping, service, social media and etc. Internet capabilities are beyond our expectation. We never know what it can do in the future it’s all in the hands of people who always want to innovate how are lives can be more easier. Actually, among those Internet innovations, one thing that I actually enjoy doing online is purchasing items on online stores. I used to buy from international based websites from other countries since it’s always great to have something that is not available in your country. But I always wished that someday there would be local online malls in the Philippines as well. Eventually, we now have a local online shopping website. One of the key players of E-commerce in our country is Lazada Philippines. The Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall. They are actually my favorite online store.


What I like about Lazada Philippines is that they offer “Cash on Delivery”, a payment method that allows any online user to buy items from their website and have them pay only after their item is delivered at their very homes and handed over their ordered package. It’s something new in our country and everyone is really taking advantage of their unique customer service. Another thing that I highly appreciate is their hotline service. I encounter a problem in the past when they were just starting. The item I ordered was still unavailable 5 days after I initially ordered from them. Just happen that at that time the item I bought where a hot item and that I was one of the few who ran out of stock. At first, I was furious because I was really eager to get the item already. But I realized that at the end of the day I lost nothing since I opted for “Cash on Delivery” and did not drop a single dime yet to Lazada. Despite of the situation on the 7th day, one of their customer service agents reached me an informed that they just replenished new stocks and that I was one of the priority on their list. They said item was ready for delivery, I quickly informed them to push through my order. Within the day I got the item and was a happy customer. To this point, I’ve been their fan and already did a number of transactions with them, which we’re all delivered to me on time.




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